Learning to garden (20) – The aging dog again

The garden has always been a work in progress, mainly because I don’t know what to do with it or what I want to do with it.  However, a small vegetable plot was evolving and a few meals produced.  then in August 2016, my dog, never an ideal companion in the garden, decided to dig it up.  At the age of 63, I had a tantrum that would have impressed a three year old.  It was late in the year and there was much that could be done and the garden became a mess and this blog ceased.


Marigolds and Dahlias


I’ve never seen the point of raised beds, they just reduce the growing area by at least 50% and in a small garden, that does not leave much room for plants.  However, they do offer the possibility of creating dog proof enclosures.  the garden is on the eastern side of an sub-urban valley and there is a 5 metre drop from the top of the street wall to the top terrace of the garden.  The street side of this wall is a viewing terrace for the parish and my garden.  I came up with the idea of making the top terrace of the garden attractive to walk around and look into from above.  Some rather rough carpentry produced three shaped beds and space for a metre diameter circular greenhouse.  This greenhouse is in my imagination and a cheap plant tent from the local garden centre in reality.



Work in Progress


Having come up with a layout, I was at a loss as to what to plant and it was too late to sow seeds.  What I do enjoy about gardening is growing plants from seed.  There is something too look at each day and a real sense of satisfaction when the flowers come into bloom or you eat the plant for lunch.

Despite plans to study ancient works on gardening, join the RHS and consult web sites, I purchased a couple of packets of seeds from the local DIY store for £1.99 each, one was for French Marigolds and the other for Dahlias.  I planted enough seeds to produce plants to stock one bed.  The result has exceeded expectations,  seed costing £1 has produced a pleasing bed.  It may be in the style of Acacia Avenue, but I now have a sense of direction.

As for the dog, he is happy to poo in the spaces between the beds and so far has not done any serious damage.  My relationship with that dog is complex, we do no stare admiringly at each other and our tastes are divergent, but there is a sense that we appreciate each other’s existence.  He would be out of place in Acacia Avenue.


About SolarBucket

I trained as a mechanical engineer in the 1970's and then spent most of the following 25 years doing sums and software for Oil and Gas Exploration. Current interests are the study of wind and solar resources.
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