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The price of house coal

The starting point for this post was some old family accounts which extended, with gaps from the 1920s to the 1940s.  This was augmented by some figures found in the online version of Hansard.  Some local history material provided a human … Continue reading

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The early days of electricity in Hove (3)

As with previous posts in this series, this one is work in progress and subject to corrections and revisions. As I mess with this, I realise I am working backwards.  The story starts with an Act of Parliament of 1890 whose objective … Continue reading

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The consumer’s relationship with coal and gas

I recently read “the world did not run out of coal, it just stopped using it”, with the implication that a similar process might take place with other fuels such as oil and gas.  A back-burner project has been to collect … Continue reading

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Firing: Stoves, Ranges, and Economical Management of Fuel

This post is chapter XIV of 1894 edition of “The Handbook of Household Management and Cookery” by W.B. Tegetmeier.  As I have another similar work, I’m guessing that that there were quite a few variations on this theme.  The book was … Continue reading

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Economics and Edwardian Carpentry

As I have worked on my house I have become aware of the difference between the nature of the work of the original builders and modern practices.  In some places the the evolution of a methods is visible.  Some of … Continue reading

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